So, you’re in a hurry? In a nutshell...
Revenir is an extremely well-equipped, versatile, modern winery located near Lenswood, in the Adelaide Hills. It’s the former Nepenthe winery, built under the watchful eye of inaugural Nepenthe winemaker Peter Leske. Peter now leads a small team which operates the facility with one sole aim: to make terrific wine for clients in the Hills and beyond.

Revenir has the equipment and expertise to handle batches of fruit from 1 to 50 tonnes without drama or fuss. With ‘toys’ including 3 presses, 4 separate insulated barrel storage areas (2 of which can be chilled) and a plethora of small and large tanks, it’s a great place to make your wines.

And if you add the accumulated 40+ vintages’ experience of the team in Australia and around the world... if you are wanting some wine made, you really should talk to us.

Peter Leske: 0437 652 743
Chris Parsons: 0400 716 654

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