Revenir runs as a pretty lean outfit during the year, but when the pressure is on and the fruit is coming in, there’s no substitute for having plenty of hands on deck. Those hands have traditionally come from Australia, of course, plus interesting ‘extras’ from all over the world: France, Spain, the ol’ US of A, Argentina, Greece, New Zulland, Canadia, Italy, Bolivia, Switzerland, China… even the UK!

We remain in contact with many of our past crew, and often welcome them back for another vintage. Some of them have been kind (?) enough to summarise their experience on the following website:

There’s a theme that you will note: work hard, learn lots, endure the pressure, be challenged, have fun. If that sounds like something you’d like to do for 8-12 weeks in the glorious South Australian autumn (approx. February > May), please email your CV and expression of interest to: peter@revenir.com.au.